Mike's Trip to SEMA 1999

SEMA 1999

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November 1999

Below is the first batch of pictures from SEMA. The show was pretty good, but as usual, quite exhausting.

Grand Prix'ers in attendance included myself (Mike Napurano), Aaron Lephart, Tony Lauer, Mike Lewis and Brian Marks.

Also... check out Aaron Lephart's SEMA Pictures!

As a matter of fact... check out the first 3 pictures below... :)

Tony Lauer & Aaron Lephart
Mike Lewis & Mike Napurano
Mike Lewis, Aaron Lephart, Mike Napurano & Tony Lauer waiting to be thrown about 880 feet in the air (already at 830)

On with the show pictures!

The engine a bug should have, a VR6!
What a Sunfire
The RAT Grand Prix
Brembo's on the RAT GTP

RAT Roll Cage
What a Grand Am!
TEP Grand Am
TEP Grand Prix

Toyota Solara
Mitsubishi Eclipse
The Petty Grand Prix
The Petty Grand Prix

The Petty Grand Prix
The Petty Grand Prix
Honda S2000
Lexus IS

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